Notes from PCC March 2021

Notes from PCC March 2021

Notes from PCC 10th March 2021
Members received a full financial update. The accounts for 2020 are closed and being
prepared for independent inspection.
Work needs doing to various parts of the boundary wall, both north and south complicated
by the fact that they are listed. Costings are being obtained.
The ladies & Accessible toilets downstairs in the Millennium Centre have been painted and
the soap dispenser re-sited. The work was a little more involved than anticipated and we are
looking now more generally at the integrity of the plaster in the Centre.
Rainham Eco group which has pledged to plant lots of trees this year. It would be great if
you could let Kayleigh Ward ( know If you are able to plant
any kind of tree.
Outline plans were given for re-gathering, following the government guidance on the lifting of
lockdown. We plan on reopening once we reach stage three of the plan, currently predicted
for the 17th May. There will be a memorial service on a Thursday evening, possibly a
concert on Friday, a more social event on Saturday and full services on Sunday. We will of
course be following both Government and Church of England guidance on all matters such
as social distancing, singing and the wearing of face coverings.
PCC has reviewed its position regarding volunteers and has resolved that volunteers can
return to activities in church, when it reopens, unless they are classified as extremely
clinically vulnerable and subject to safer recruitment processes.
In view of the current restrictions, PCC has agreed that nominations for PCC or
churchwardens can be dealt with by email. The nominee, proposer and seconder can
confirm their intentions by email to Janet Garnons-Williams at
or paper copies of the nomination forms can be obtained from the office (01634 362023) and
returned to the Millennium Centre. Nominees must have been members of the electoral roll
for 6 months before their nomination.


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