pcc minutes 1st june

pcc minutes 1st june

Minutes of the PCC meeting held on 1st June.


MONDAY 1st June 2020 AT 7.30PM

To be present: Revd. Nathan Ward, Revd. Jonathan Jennings, Miss Jodie Sullivan, Mrs Janet Garnons-Williams (Chair), Miss Lorna Dyer, Mrs. Davina O’Brien, Mr. Frank Pantony, Mrs Heather Baker, Mr. Tony Fairclough, Mr. John Gilkison, Mrs. Felicity Holton, Mr. Jamie Jackson, Mr. David Ormiston, Mrs Linda Randall, Mrs. Kayleigh Ward.

This meeting was online with all participants connecting through the Zoom cloud platform to meet the Covid-19 Social Distancing rules.

  1. The meeting opened at 7.33pm with prayers led by Revd. Nathan Ward.

  •  Faculty Requirement – Windows

The windows in church are very dirty which means that we are not getting the benefit of the new lighting. A faculty is required in order to get the windows cleaned. A proposal was made that PCC agree to the submission of a faculty request for the church windows to be cleaned.

A vote was taken, and PCC agreed unanimously.

  • Faculty Requirement – Crypt Wall

Some time ago, there was a discussion at PCC regarding a wall in the crypt which is required to be removed to find out what is behind it. The records of the discussion and faculty submission cannot be found and so a new approval is required. A proposal was made that PCC agree to the submission of a faculty request for the crypt wall to be removed to allow investigation into the contents of the chamber.

A vote was taken, and PCC agree unanimously.

  • The discussion then focussed on the continuation of the discussion from the meeting on 18th May covering the Organisational Structure Review and Financial Review and an update was provided by Janet Garnons-Williams.

Janet thanked PCC members for taking the time to go through the document and become more comfortable with its contents.

Nathan asked if everyone had read the meeting notes and if the PCC members were prepared to have them signed as a record of the meeting. No-one had any comments or revisions and so the proposal was put forward that the minutes be approved.

Proposer John Gilkison

Seconder Jodie Sullivan

Unanimously agreed

Janet continued with her update: The last meeting approved the activity of engaging the 3 affected staff in an ‘at risk’ consultation.

Janet asked for PCC to make a decision in principle on the proposal for the Parish Administrator’s employment. She made the recommendation to offer 10 hours per week.

Seconded by Davina O’Brien.

Agreed unanimously.

The second recommendation was put to the meeting that further legal advice be taken on the possibility of protecting future employment rights for both parties.

Seconded by Nathan Ward.

Agreed unanimously.

A recommendation was made that the Parish Administrator’s new contract would start on reopening of the Millennium Centre or the end of furlough, whichever is first.

Seconded by Davina O’Brien

Agreed unanimously.

Another element of the Operational and financial review related to the paying of an organist. After full discussion including an on-going commitment to retain and encourage the choir, a recommendation was made that we do not continue to pay for the services of an organist.

Seconded by Kayleigh Ward

Vote was carried by 13 votes for, 0 against and 2 abstentions

The JD for the proposed Community Journalist post was circulated after the last meeting. A recommendation that we advertise the Community Journalist post was made.

Seconded by Jamie Jackson

Vote was carried 13 votes for, 1 against and 1 abstention.

5. AOB

Nathan gave an update on the Lighting project which is nearing completion. There is 1 faulty light to be replaced, the floodlights need to be adjusted due to the cages in which they are housed. Riverside are scheduled to attend on 22nd June to complete the plastering which is the last part of the project.

The Sound project has been delayed as the speaker stand manufacturer has been on furlough, but this is expected to be completed by 22nd June.

The window cleaning is required to improve the backlighting of the east window.

The Reverend Christine Allen will be joining the team on 6th July as a self-supporting minister. There are no on-costs for this post and she will be working 20 hours per week as Associate Priest.

The flagpole on the tower needs to have the rope replaced as it has worn away and is unusable. The flagpole must be removed to have the rope replaced which is hazardous and we are hoping that Riverside may be able to do this on 22nd June.

6. The meeting was closed at 8.41pm with the grace lead by Jonathan Jennings.

Signed ……………………………………………………                 Dated ………………………………………….


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