PCC minutes

PCC minutes

Minutes of the PCC meeting on the 18th May 2020


To be present: Revd. Nathan Ward, Revd. Jonathan Jennings, Miss Jodie Sullivan, Mrs Janet Garnons-Williams (Chair), Miss Lorna Dyer, Mrs. Davina O’Brien, Mr. Frank Pantony, Mrs Heather Baker, Mr. Tony Fairclough, Mr. John Gilkison, Mrs. Felicity Holton, Mr. Jamie Jackson, Mr. David Ormiston, Mrs Linda Randall, Mrs. Kayleigh Ward.

This meeting was online with all participants connecting through the Zoom cloud platform to meet the Covid-19 Social Distancing rules.

1.       The meeting opened at 7.37pm with prayers led by Revd. Nathan Ward.

  • Deanery Synod Nomination

All usual nominations and elections have been postponed but Deanery Synod elections are required, and we have a vacancy. PCC will indicate a holding vote, and a formal vote will take place at APCM where all electoral roll members will be able to vote.

Frank Pantony has offered to fill the vacancy. Frank was proposed by Janet Garnons-Williams. Seconder was David Ormiston.

Agreed unanimously.

  • A parishioner, Tracey Scott has contacted St Margaret’s regarding reserving a grave in the graveyard as her husband is terminally ill. A faculty application is required for this.

Nathan Ward proposed that PCC approve the making of a faculty application. Agreed unanimously.

  • A report on an Organisational Structure Review and Financial Review was circulated to the PCC members prior to the meeting for their consideration. Nathan Ward opened the discussions by giving the background and high-level details to the meeting.

The report was borne out of meetings of the Standing Committee which agreed to review the organisation structure and finances, looking at the immediate and medium term. The results are not directly linked to the Covid-19 pandemic but show that we need to take urgent action to put in place more appropriate administrative support as well as keeping a very tight rein on our finances.

Responses online are phenomenal with some 300 people attending/viewing the prayer sessions and up to1000 attending/viewing services. These activities are reaching more people than traditional services and activities, and current staffing will not sustain this level of engagement.

The church will not be going back to what we have been used to for 12 – 18 months and we need to capitalise missionally by continuing to reach out to the people who have joined us online.

The financial review identified that giving was down £7500 and the Millennium Centre closure has reduced the income by £11,400. Any extension to the closure of the centre will cost £11,500 per month and will also keep the bookshop closed, so we shall lose income here as well. Even when we re-open, we cannot predict what effect social distancing will have upon hiring.

Comments from meeting participants was then sought. Janet Garnons-Williams asked each PCC member in turn to give their feedback and/or ask questions regarding the recommendations in the report, to ensure all views were heard.

A vote was taken on whether the members felt that they should make a decision on the contents of the report at this point, which contained both financial changes as well as changes to our support staff.

The vote was taken – 7 were in favour of taking a decision and 8 against.

In order to move matters forward, Nathan proposed to the PCC that legal advice be taken and he put forward a motion to PCC for an ‘at risk’ process be started in respect of the members of staff affected by the Operational Review proposals.

PCC would be reconvened in 2 weeks to allow for further consideration of the details of the report and discussion points raised in todays meeting.

This motion was seconded by Janet Garnons-Williams.

14 voted for, 1 against, 0 abstentions. The motion was carried.

Nathan asked that the meeting also considered the details on page 9 – the refurbishment of the Millennium Centre. He pointed out that costed proposals needed to be brought before PCC and that refurbishment was required to avoid losing hirers once the Millennium Centre re-opened.

He proposed that Clays architects be engaged to develop costed plans. The proposal was passed unanimously.

It was agreed that PCC would reconvene on Monday 1st June.

Nathan asked if any other information was needed which would help in the decision-making process for the PCC members.

Each PCC member was asked in turn and requests for information collected.

  • The meeting was closed at 8.54pm with the grace lead by Jonathan Jennings.

Signed ……………………………………………………                 Dated …………………………………………..



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