Here you can find the stories of real people who have become Christians.

Dez’s Testimony

The violence drove me to take more drugs… it was a vicious circle and I lost my way After hitting rock bottom, Dez from Scotland asked God not to let him die. This started a journey which led him to Alpha.  I was in retail by day and a nightclub bouncer by night. However, I only took these jobs to feed my cocaine addiction. It was a violent scene and as a bouncer pretty much anything went. I would stand on…

Philippa’s Story

Born and raised in a musical family in Barnsley, UK. Philippa found faith in her late teens after struggling with anxiety, since then she has tried Alpha and seen her family find faith.

Charlie’s Story

Church has always made me feel very uncomfortable… Artist Charlie Mackesy describes the value of taking a closer look. Watch the video: 

Beth’s Testimony

As a kid I was really worried about fitting in and it became a common theme of my life. Beth’s youth was filled with worry about fitting in. She stopped her doing a lot of the things she enjoyed for fear they would be seen as uncool. Then one day, a friend invited her to try Alpha. This friend had everything Beth wanted: security, identity and acceptance. Find out what happened to Beth after she tried Alpha. 
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