Update From Zimbabwe

Update From Zimbabwe

Updates from Zimbabwe

St Margaret’s church has for many years had links with St Phillips Church in Tafara, Zimbabwe. In the past some members of our congregation have visited the area and raised money to support projects. This year we are beginning to strengthen our links again. Each month we are going to be meeting with the Priest in charge Phillip via Zoom to discuss how we can develop friendships, prayer, teaching, and to support each other in our ministries. They have a very active Mothers Union who support women by enabling them to generate income, as well as an active youth group trying to tackle the problems their youth face, and many other things which need our support. St Phillips Church elders are excited about how this is going to grow. It might be that we will raise money for their projects which will enable them to feed their families e.g. the chicken project or the development of a fish farm. I have no doubt that their deep rooted faith in God, and their understanding of biblical stories will be a blessing to us. This is very much a reciprocal relationship built on friendships. At present they have asked for our prayers for their youth and reconciliation with some of the parents. So our journey begins together – an exciting time for St Margaret’s Church and St Philips.

For more about our link go to https://rainhamchurch.co.uk/zimbabwe-link/


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