Whats Going On

Whats Going On

Online Service and Events

When you can see us online

Please note that Evening Prayer will follow Home Group and Bible Study at 8pm. You can view all of our online events here.


In this exceptional time, the Government’s guidance on social distancing and self-isolation will have a major impact on all aspects of everyday life, including the way funerals will be conducted for the immediate future. Christian funerals will continue in the Church of England but inevitably there will be some adaptations to protect everyone.

This means funerals can go ahead, but they may be different from what might normally be expected.


For couples getting married, weddings services can take place but subject to the rules and guidance on social distancing. Any wedding in a church would need to be on a very small scale.

Only five people need to be present at a marriage service: the couple and the clergyperson, plus two witnesses.

Further Information

Due to their legal nature, we will publish further information on baptisms and Wedding Banns as soon as we have further information ourselves.

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