St Phillip’s Tafara

St Phillip’s Tafara

St Margaret’s have a historic link to St Phillip’s in Tafara, Zimbabwe which is cherished in both places. In the parish of Tafara, there is a small Church called St Matthias. There is a plan to build a new church building for St Matthias and St Margaret’s and St Phillip’s are sharing the cost of building the foundations for the Church. This is the physical step of the spiritual journey.

Rochester Diocese has a link with the Diocese of Harare in Zimbabwe. Our own particular link is with St Phillip’s Church in Tafara, on the outskirts of Harare. It  began in 1985 when to celebrate the 650th anniversary of St Margaret’s it was decided to raise £10.000 to complete the Church building in Tafara.

In 1994 a party from St Margaret’s visited St. Phillips Tafara

In 2016 we had a visit from Bishop Chad and a service was held at St. Margaret’s.Pictures from the service can be seen here –

Since that time the link has continued, although at times communication has been difficult due to the political situation in Zimbabwe.

Amongst other projects we were able to help finance the garden project by Widows and Single Mothers at St Philip. They were able to connect the water to the Rectory and finalise some repairs.  This enabled them to embark on the youth; garden , fish and chicken rearing projects with the youth agreeing to spruce up and landscape the surroundings.

Revd Judy visited St Philips with a party from the diocese led by Bishop Brian.  She stayed initially at the home of the priest of St Philip’s, Canon Phineas Fundira, discovering that many of the things we take for granted, such as regular electricity and running water, are not always available to our fellow-Christians there, but they rejoice in sharing what little they do possess, and make their visitors very welcome. 

To celebrate the 650th anniversary of St Margaret’s the church developed a link with a church is Zimbabwe Since that time the link has continued, although at times communication has been difficult due to the political situation in Zimbabwe, but , the link has recently been revived, and using the technology that has kept the church in touch with its own parishioners during the past year of lockdown, we are holding a joint service with the church just outside the country’s capital Harare on 21st March.

Deputy Church warden Janet Garnons- Williams and Nick Grief report on reviving the link.

Updates from Zimbabwe

St Margaret’s church has for many years had links with St Phillips Church in Tafara, Zimbabwe. In the past some members of our congregation have visited the area and raised money to support projects. This year we are beginning to strengthen our links again. Each month we are going to be meeting with the Priest in charge Phillip via Zoom to discuss how we can develop friendships, prayer, teaching, and to support each other in our ministries.
They have a very active Mothers Union who support women by enabling them to generate income, as well as an active youth group trying to tackle the problems their youth face, and many other things which need our support. St Phillips Church elders are excited about how this is going to grow. It might be that we will raise money for their projects which will enable them to feed their families e.g. the chicken project or the development of a fish farm. I have no doubt that their deep rooted faith in God, and their understanding of biblical stories will be a blessing to us.
This is very much a reciprocal relationship built on friendships. At present they have asked for our prayers for their youth and reconciliation with some of the parents. So our journey begins together – an exciting time for St Margaret’s Church and St Philips.

Report received from Phillip Friday 21st May 2021

St Philip Anglican Church Tafara (CPCA)


Eggs Layers project

20 May 2021

We are pleased to report on the growth which we have seen in our chicken layers project following an addition of 45 hens on Tuesday 18th May 2021

Our gratitude goes to the generous faithful at St Bartholomews , Wiggington and our dear friend Fr Michael Eggleton for continuing to support this Outreach project.

In our previous report, we showed you the first 50 birds which are doing very well in egg laying.With these additional birds we are hoping to have a monthly excess income of US$80 which will go towards looking after disadvantaged members of our community.

The slides show the 45 birds on arrival. These birds are 16 weeks old.

We expect the new 45 hens to start laying eggs in a couple of weeks’ and are confident that our income from egg sales will improve. We are humbled with the continuing support and may the Lord continue to bless you.

                        We thank you

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