Spaces to hire

Lower Hall

Discover the perfect space for your next event in our spacious and versatile Lower Hall. Whether you're hosting fitness groups, quiz nights, or planning a memorable sit-down meal and disco, this hall offers endless possibilities.

Our Lower Hall is designed to adapt to your needs with ease. Its generous size allows for various setups, making it ideal for a wide range of activities. Need a space for your yoga class or fitness bootcamp? We've got you covered. Planning a fun-filled quiz night? Look no further. When it's time to transform the atmosphere for a special occasion, our hall can be magically enhanced with simple lighting, creating a wonderful backdrop for a sit-down meal and disco that your guests will love.

To make your event planning even more convenient, we provide tables and chairs to accommodate your seating arrangements. Plus, our well-equipped kitchen with a large serving hatch ensures that your catering needs are met efficiently.

Experience the flexibility and charm of our Lower Hall at our community centre. Whatever your event, it's sure to be a hit in this inviting and adaptable space. Book now to secure your date and bring your vision to life!

Upper Hall

Introducing our breathtaking Upper Hall – a truly awe-inspiring space that redefines the concept of event venues. Nestled atop our community centre, this spacious hall boasts floor-to-ceiling windows at each end, offering a mesmerizing panoramic view over Rainham towards the serene river. The sheer beauty of the surroundings sets an enchanting backdrop for any occasion.

Our Upper Hall is a versatile gem, perfectly suited for a variety of events. Whether you're planning a corporate training event, a conference, or a fairy-tale wedding, this space will elevate your gathering to new heights. The natural light streaming in through the expansive windows creates an ambience of sophistication and serenity that's second to none.

For those looking to add an extra touch of luxury to their event, our Upper Hall also offers the option of a fully serviced bar. Impeccably designed and staffed by our professional team, it's the perfect addition to any celebration, ensuring your guests are well taken care of.

Additionally, we provide a well-equipped kitchen, facilitating seamless catering and culinary arrangements for your event. Your catering team will have all the tools they need to create delectable dishes that complement the grandeur of the Upper Hall.

Whether you're seeking a venue for a memorable training event, a dreamy wedding, or any special occasion, our Upper Hall is ready to exceed your expectations. Step into a world of elegance and enchantment, where every detail has been thoughtfully designed to make your event truly extraordinary. Book now and let the splendour of the Upper Hall set the stage for your unforgettable moments.

Room 2

Welcome to Room 2, a truly amazing and versatile space that's perfect for a wide range of purposes. This inviting room comes with the added convenience of a kitchenette attached, making it an excellent choice for therapy sessions, counselling, or small meetings.

Room 2 offers a warm and welcoming ambiance that sets the stage for meaningful and productive interactions. Whether you're a therapist looking for a serene environment to meet with clients, a counsellor seeking a comfortable space for one-on-one sessions, or a small group in need of an intimate meeting room, Room 2 has you covered.

The attached kitchenette adds an extra layer of convenience to your experience. It's perfect for preparing refreshments, snacks, or beverages, ensuring that your guests or clients feel well taken care of during their time in the room.

The atmosphere in Room 2 is designed to promote tranquillity and focus, creating an ideal setting for personal growth, collaboration, or important discussions. The room's flexibility allows you to configure it to suit your specific needs, providing you with the perfect space to achieve your goals.

Whether you're seeking a space for therapy, counselling, or small meetings, Room 2 offers a comfortable and accommodating environment that will enhance your experience. Book this exceptional space today and unlock its potential for your next session or gathering.

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