At a christening your child will be baptized with water. This is the heart of your child’s christening.

There are several special moments in the service which can also be personalised:

  • The vicar will pray for your child and for all those who will support them in their path of faith.
  • You and the godparents will make some important promises for your child in the service. You can see these words online here.
  • A special oil may be used to make the sign of the cross on your child’s forehead by the vicar. It’s a significant moment, which marks your child as belonging to God.
  • Water, which is blessed in the church’s font, will be poured over your child’s head by the vicar. This is your child’s baptism.
  • Everyone promises to continue supporting your child from this moment.
  • A candle will be given to you in the service when the vicar says: “Shine as a light in the world to the glory of God”.

If you would like to know more information about christenings or to start arranging one please fill out the form below or contact the church office by calling 01634 362023 or e-mail by clicking here.

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