Terry ‘s Licensing

Terry Whittaker’s Licensing Service Tomorrow (Tuesday 13th April), Terry will be licensed as Chaplain to Medway Police and as a Lay Funeral Minister. We celebrate these callings on Terry’s life and trust that God will use him powerfully in these areas. Do join us in praying for Terry at this time.

Alpha course

The end of our latest Alpha Course We recently concluded our latest Alpha course, the second one we’ve done virtually. It is never quite the same as meeting in person, but we had a wonderful group of 8 people meet weekly on Zoom to chat about the big questions of life and faith. It was a great time for growing in our understanding of prayer, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and so much more!You can email jodie@rainhamchurch.co.uk if you want to express…

Church Warden

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to serve St Margaret’s Church Rainham? Wehave a vacancy for a deputy churchwarden, starting in May. This is a leadership role thatsupports both the clergy and the congregation and there will be plenty of on the job training. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Janet Garnons-Williams atjanet@rainhamchurch.co.uk, Davina O’Brien at Davina@rainhamchurch.co.uk or Lorna Dyer atLorna@rainhamchurch.co.uk or via the church office

Watching live streams

We’re really sorry about the recent technical issues which have meant some services haven’t been available via the website. We are working on resolving this,but we know it can be frustrating. Please be patient as we try and navigate technology in all its highs and lows! It may be helpful to know that our services are all automatically streamed directly to Facebook, the website, and our You tube channel. This means that if you can’t see it in one of…


ELECTORAL ROLL Parish of St Margaret of Antioch, Rainham The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held at 7:30 pm­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ on the 19th May 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom. If you would like to be more closely linked to St. Margaret’s Church, please join our electoral roll. Your application must be received by the Church Office before 30th April 2021 to enable you to vote at the meeting this year. Download an application form to join the Electoral roll.


The Parish Church of St Margaret, Rainham Parochial Church Council Minutes of the PCC Meeting on Wednesday, 13 January 2021 via Zoom, 19:30 Item Details Action 1. Opening Prayer:     CA opened the meeting with prayer.   2. Apologies:     JGW chaired the meeting. Apologies were received from Ian Bryant (IB) – guest; Revd Jonathan Jennings (JPJ); Kayleigh Ward (KW); Revd Nathan Ward (NW)   3. Decisions of Standing Committee:   i. Given the recent change in Government…

pcc minutes 23 dec 2020

Minutes of PCC Finance Meeting Wednesday 23 December 2020 19:30 via Zoom Present: Heather Baker (HB); Nigel Barfoot (NB); Ann Critchley (AC); Lorna Dyer (LD); Janet Garnons-Williams (JGW); Nick Grief (NG); Felicity Holton (FH); Jamie Jackson (JJ); Revd Jonathan Jennings (JPJ) left the meeting at 20:00; Davina O’Brien (DOB); David Ormiston (DO); Linda Randall (LR); Owen Smith (OS); Jodie Ward (JW); Kayleigh Ward (KW); Revd Nathan Ward (NW); Charley Whittaker (CW); Terry Whittaker (TW) Item Details Action 1. Prayer:  …

PCC Minutes 9th DECEMBER

Present: Revd Christine Allen (CA); Heather Baker (HB); Nigel Barfoot (NB); Alex Brewer (AB); Ian Bryant (IB); Ann Critchley (AC); Lorna Dyer (LD); Janet Garnons-Williams (JGW); Nick Grief (NG); Felicity Holton (FH); Jamie Jackson (JJ); Revd Jonathan Jennings (JPJ) joined late; Davina O’Brien (DOB); David Ormiston (DO); Frank Pantony (FP); Linda Randall (LR); Owen Smith (OS); Jodie Ward (JW); Kayleigh Ward (KW); Revd Nathan Ward (NW); Charley Whittaker (CW) joined late; Terry Whittaker (TW) Item Details Action 1. Prayer:  …

UPDATE from nathan

Dear all, I’m writing to share an update regarding our plans to pause in-person ministry within the Church building following the Prime Ministers speech earlier today. As you will be aware, Rainham will be in tier 4 as of midnight tonight and as a church we have a duty to do all we can to protect the community and those who serve it. For that reason I, in consultation with the Church Wardens, have taken the hard decision to close…

PCC Minutes 14TH october

          THE PARISH CHURCH OF St. MARGARET, RAINHAM PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL Wednesday 14th October 2020 AT 7.30PM To be present: Revd. Nathan Ward, Revd. Jonathan Jennings, Revd Christine Allen, Ann Critchley,  Jodie Ward, Mr Terry Whittaker, Mrs Janet Garnons-Williams, Miss Lorna Dyer, Mrs. Davina O’Brien, Mr. Frank Pantony, Mrs Heather Baker, Mrs. Felicity Holton, Mr. Jamie Jackson, Mr. David Ormiston, Mrs Linda Randall, Mrs. Kayleigh Ward, Mr Nick Grief, Miss Charlie Whittaker, Mr Alex Brewer, Mr Owen Smith, Mr Nigel…

remembrance sunday

Tomorrow’s Remembrance day service will be live streamed from 10.30am on Facebook and the Website. We are unable to Live stream to the Concorde Pub or Millennium Centre due to the new Covid-19 restrictions.